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Now Affiliated to KMF-AC expert Alain Cohen 

KRAV MAGA - By definition, in a self-defence situation, we have not initiated the encounter, or the fight.

Defending strikes or attacks by blocking and redirecting alone may do nothing to stop an attacker, so to turn the encounter in our favour we have to attack the person attacking us. Defend and counterattack. Come and train with us, and we'll build this instinct in you.

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 Krav Maga

Professional self defence coaching and instruction in Krav Maga for all ages and abilities.

Krav Maga teaches intelligent, socially appropriate methods of avoiding or responding to danger.

We train ordinary people to protect themselves within the bounds of law, and don’t encourage violence or aggression.

Classes run throughout the week (click here for timetable)

There are also private sessions available for individual instruction. Please contact us to arrange your 1-to-1 session.

Contact us via the website or contact instructor Ken Matthews atBlackburn Krav Maga for more information.