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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Liam is helping me to not only lose weight but understand a lot about my body /mind and how it works ! He is helping me to function again and learn to move in ways I never thought would be possible. 

Laura Eccles

​When I met Liam I didn't believe in breakfast, and thought that half a litre of Coke and a bag of crisps were an essential component of my lunchbox.

Liam helped me to see that I was fuelling my body wrongly, and helped me through my health problems, digestive issues and food intolerances, whilst also coaching me in functional movement.

I was close to 14 stone, a size 18/20 and taking 32 tablets a day. I'm now nearer to 9 stone, a size 8, and down to two tablets a day.

Kat Metcalf

At my heaviest, I was 28 stone and my body fat was about 80%. Thirteen months later, I’m 14 stone and my body fat about about 24%.

The day I stood on the bathroom scales and saw that I was 28 stone I said to myself, “you’re going to die. You’ll be walking upstairs and drop dead or you’ll wake up one morning and discover you’ve had a massive stroke.” 

I went to see Liam, firstly to try and get help with the knee (I didn’t think I needed help getting fit... that was simply a question of eating less and doing boatloads of cardio, right? How wrong was I! Liam has saved my life. I know that sounds incredibly dramatic but hear me out. I have trained once a week with Liam for over a year now and every week without fail I learn something new, whether it’s nutrition advice, physiology or just a new way of making me ache for two days! Without this I would have more than likely got bored after a month and failed again. 

I would recommend Liam to anyone wanting to make a change no matter how big or small - I’m living proof!

Chris Metcalf

Liam not only helped me to get slim for my wedding (near enough 4 stones) but more importantly helped me to get my body confidence back after my son was born asleep at 32weeks and helped me to get physically and mentally ready to try again. Now 30 weeks pregnant I am very grateful for his help to keep the backache at bay and being still perfectly mobile. Thank you so much for your help!!

Patrice Haworth

Sheree is training me on a weekly basis , to achieve a personal target. I'm on week 5 and already my body has become stronger and I feel much healthier and fitter. She is an absolute inspiration, she has provides my weekly training program which pushes me to my limit . Feels good and would recommend using a personal trainer to achieve a goal .

Shirley Garret

The sessions with Liam initially give me a focus and motivation to restart exercising after a long gap.  Liam is friendly and encouraging in the sessions and very helpful with all sorts of physiological and dietary advice. These, over last 18 months, have served to keep me motivated to loose weight (20lbs), increase strength and cardiovascular fitness as well as take on more physical challenges like 1 mile open water swims and London to Paris bike rides, things I would not have attempted prior!

David Clarke

My progression within the gym had always been limited due to a back problem and also my limited knowledge of how my body worked, my nutritional requirements and how to direct my approach. 

Liam has taught me how to manage my own health and wellbeing from a physical, nutritional and holistic approach whilst empowering me with the knowledge to be self sufficient in the aforementioned areas. 4 years later, I am pain free in my back and have built a strong, functional, lean physique. I am always astounded by the passion and drive that Liam shows for his work and often refer to him as being a “nerd” about what he does.   

Too many trainers and coaches out there offer a one size fits all approach or only have 2/3 weapons in the armoury and use these repeatedly regardless of the needs of the client. Liam has enough ammo to go to war!!

Ben Shepard

Meeting Liam was a life-changer! I met Liam in September 2011. My husband gave me a block of sessions for my 39th birthday to help me reach my fitness goals my 40th birthday. I was a good size 12 and approx. 33% body fat, my real problem area has always been my legs. Even at my leanest, I’d never been happy with my legs which, for most women, are a really big deal.

During my first session with Liam, it was immediately clear he knew what he was talking about and that exercise alone would not get the results I wanted.

My goal was to lose fat and increase lean muscle mass. After 4 months I bought my first pair of skinny jeans. When I tried them on, my husband said, “You’ve never looked like that in jeans” – I was ecstatic, he’s brutally honest you see and had always told me I didn’t suit jeans, period! The big surprise was that the scales only showed I’d lost 4Ibs; it was from this point I stopped weighing myself and started measuring key parts with a tape measure.

Two and half years later I’m 18Ibs lighter, 18% body fat and dress size 8-10. Hand on heart, I’ve never felt or looked better and I’m pretty proud of it! 

Andrea Tomlinson

Following an injury to my left shoulder in 2013, I was told by a surgeon that I would need an operation but with Liam's help, advice and regular training instructions I was able to rehabilitate my shoulder without having an operation. He makes workouts fun but will also push and motivate, there is no easy session with Liam! He is definitely a personal trainer to trust. 

Angela Shepard

A couple of years ago I was struggling to get the kids in & out of the car, lift stuff and even get out of bed without sharp pains in my lower back, now it’s not a problem.

I remember sitting outside the gym in the car park before my first session with Liam wondering if I was doing the right thing (as I pretty much despised gyms). I considered driving off and making up an excuse to Liam as to why I hadn’t turned up.

I didn’t and I forced myself to go in as I knew I needed to make a step change in my life, although I was doing some exercise (mountain biking, a bit of jogging, walking etc) I wasn’t doing enough and the exercise I was doing wasn’t effective enough added to that my diet was poor (although I didn’t realise it at the time, in fact I thought it was pretty good!).

It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, I haven’t looked  back, it’s hard work! but I can honestly say I am now the fittest and strongest I have  ever been in my life, even since my early twenty’s! and my backache has all but gone.

My diet has also completely changed, I now eat a healthy, well balanced diet and get plenty of sleep! I’m absolutely over the moon with the progress I’ve made over the last couple of years under Liam’s expert guidance, it is without doubt the best investment I’ve ever made.

Paul Tarnowski

I am 56 years old and have probably been trained by Liam for the past 5 years. I work with children with severe learning difficulties so this involves a fair bit of moving and handling. My sessions with Liam basically keep me safe and healthy by maintaining good pain free movement. The biggest plus about Liam for me is motivation & knowledge! My weight has remained stable for the past five years without ‘diets’, I would recommend Liam wholeheartedly! 

Julie Jones